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Road Accident

How Can "Funny Face" Hit this Big Pavement? He was Either Asleep or Texting Whiles Driving.

Funny Face was reported to have survived a near-fatal accident on the Accra- Kumasi Highway, Bonsu Junction specifically. This is the third time he is engaged in an accident- Funny Face stated. If you’re not familiar with the Bonsu junction on the Accra-Kumasi Highway, then let me describe the place for you.

For those who have had an opportunity to travel on that stretch of road, you probably know Linda Dor. Right after Linda Dor, there is a road on the right (if you’re coming from Accra) that leads to Koforidua. So, the junction which drivers exit to enter the Koforidua road is the Bonsu junction. There is a military/Forestry Commission post there that inspects timbers that heads to Accra. So, obviously it is an open road that doesn’t sustain high speed because there is a security post there and besides, people normally stop over at Linda Dor to eat and relax for some time before they continue the trip.

Therefore, exactly what would make Funny Face run top speed and break his rims and sustain the Porche cayenne car in the air before abruptly hitting super hard on the road. We thank God for his life. Although he owes his life to God for saving him, I think he also played a bit reckless in one way or the other. I have used that stretch of road for some years now. Even when I was a student at the University of Ghana, I used to drive from Tema Port to Kumasi. That Bonsu junction is the one and the only area I never saw an accident car by the road. And the reason was obvious- all cars would have to drive at low speed for the security post there and again- it presents an opportunity to have a brunch at Linda Dor.

Funny Face may have perhaps being busy over-speeding, sleeping or in the worst-case, texting on his phone. Although I always complain that Kumasi-Accra Highway should have a dual carriage, that space of the road is enough to travel safely on if you give it a 40% concentration. Possibly, he was busy using his phone for calls or texts. Because the spot his tyre hit to summersault the car is weird and preposterous. Perhaps he was sleeping when he was driving. Because if you look at the pavement that he hit, it clearly shows that he veered off the road on top speed.

Funny Face is known to be reckless in driving. At least my one encounter with him on Kasoa and Akwetey-man road. He was texting whiles driving. That is bad driving etiquette. However, as I said- we thank God for his life. He should drive safely because one day, he might not survive his recklessness. 

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