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Do This To Revoke Every Curse Your Mother Has Placed On You - Ajagrajah Teaches Zion

Ben Asiamah through an interview with Zion Felix has brought to Ghanaians attention ways which our mothers can curse us and ways through which those curses can be revoked.

How Do You End Up Cursed In the First Place

Ben Asiamah reveals that during our Youth, that is when we are the most rebellious. At that stage, we often do things that cause our mothers the most pain. Examples of things that cause mothers pain include stealing from them, refusing to help them with a chore, talking back and being disrespectful, etc.

Through such acts, and the pain it brings them, mothers would often make statements such as "it will not be well with you", "your offsprings will do the same or worse to you", "you won't get a job/wife/husband/children, etc".

Ben Asiamah adds that sometimes Mothers make such statements without meaning it, however, the curse will be invoked regardless.

How To Revoke The Curses

Ben Asiamah explains that to revoke the curse, one would have to go to their mother with a glass of water and then tell her the mistake you did and ask for forgiveness. Ben adds that the person then has to ask their mother to speak on water stating that she revokes whatever curses she uttered. After the water in the glass is poured on the person begging for forgiveness and then the glass is smashed against a wall.

In The Case Where The Mother is Dead

Ben Asiamah adds that in the case where one's mother is deceased, one would have to go to the gravestone where his/her mother is buried with two bowls of food and a glass of water.

The person seeking forgiveness would eat one bowl of food while he/she leaves the other bowl for the mother and have a conversation with the deceased mother as if she was sitting right beside him/her.

In the monologue conversation, the person should then beg for forgiveness, pour the glass of water on him/herself, and then strike the glass on the gravestone.

After he/she should then stand up and walk away without looking back.


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