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Dampare Should Be Fired. People Will Continuously Be Murdered Under This Paparazzi - Kelvin Taylor

Why is Dampare the police head? I think the president does not care. If he did, he would look at the consistency of IGP Dampare and situations that have been happening and decide on what to do. Dampare doesn't qualify to be in this position, he needs to be fired.

Looking at all the incidents that have happened under Dampare, they all have a connection. Speaking now, the people are more scared of the Ghana police service than criminals, it is now like a criminal cartel.

I heard he was trained in the USA, which means he is very much aware of his responsibility as a boss.

Under Dampare, there have been consistent murders and their police have submerged these cases.

I'm every situation, they keep saying we are investigating. With an IGP who is a paparazzi, the people will continue to be murdered every day.

7 Muslim men were shot dead and to date, we haven't seen a valid report on them. A taxi driver also died in the police cells for no reason. Are the people there to murder civilians or what?

We can talk about the Tadi missing girls. A suspect was in custody and he disappeared. We can also talk about the Ayawaso Police wagon which connived with thugs to shoot at Ghanaians.

There have been other cases and there's no excuse. Dampare needs to be fired.

These were the words of Kelvin Taylor, the CEO of Loud Silence Tv.

Here's the link to the video:

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