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Beautiful lady urinates inside McDonald's office after refusing to use the washroom

So many things are happening in the world nowadays. People are doing things that they are not expected to do such unbelievable things. How on earth can, someone enters somebody's and do such a thing. Can you just imagine hearing that, someone enters somebody's office and urinate or do something that you are not expecting? Such things are happening nowadays in our world. It's very strange. How?.

According to the lady, she uses so much money in the restaurant because it is a big restaurant so the things are costly due to that she adamantly refuses to use the toilet so she decided to take the nature call there. Is this an excuse?.

So she think that, if the things in the restaurant are costly, she can misbehave. This is an insane thinking, how can you behave this way in public. This is not fair at all. Ladies, try to control yourselves publicly. What is you thought on this kind of behaviour this lady put up there?

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