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Five habits that make Africans poor. Change these habits and you will be successful

Africa has long been considered the poorest continent in the world. Statistics show that more than one-fifth of the people living in Africa lacks a healthy daily diet. The big question has always been why Africa is so poor compared to other continents. It gets even worse when we narrow our analysis to sub-Saharan Africa. These are five of the many reasons why Africans are poor:

1. Every problem is caused by the devil: Developed countries are always getting better because they believe in finding real solutions to their problems. In Africa, every problem is connected to some spirituality. This prevents the average African from making conscious efforts to find solutions. For example, if the American is experiencing low sales at his supermarket, he will research to find out various causes of the slow sales.

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This may be due to the poor location of his business, the opening times of the supermarket or even the kind of items he sells. However, an African who is running a supermarket and experiencing low sales will automatically attribute it to the devil and resort to pastors. This attitude ultimately makes us poor.

2. Prayer answers all problems: Africans believe that the solution to every problem is prayer. If you are sick pray. If you have no job pray. If you want to travel to a foreign country pray. If you want your business to succeed pray. Prayer is good but does not answer all things. You cant get a job if you fast 40 days without making effort to apply for one. Your shop won't make many sales if you are always in a church praying but never open it. Sometimes a little attitudinal change can go a long way.

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3. Pastors and prophets have solutions to all problems: If you don't change this attitude you will never succeed. Pastors may be of help in many ways, but there are still many areas they can't help you. Look for a professional where necessary. Are you looking to set up a business, seek help from someone who knows about the business, not a pastor. Are you unwell, go to the hospital, not a pastor.

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If your business going down, seek real professional solutions, not an anointing oil. Over-reliance on pastors and prophets will make you very poor. Rich Africans are those who looked for real help in their problems rather than relying on pastors.

4. Everyone else is the cause of my problems, not me: People who blame others for their problems are most likely to be poor. The first place to always look for solutions to your problems should be you.

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Most Africans believe their problems are always caused by someone else. If customers go their neighbour because her products are cheaper, his/her neighbour is the problem not his/her high product prices. Until you accept that you are the cause of most of your problems, you will be stuck in abject poverty. Successful people are not afraid to stand up to themselves.

5. Erroneous belief that everyone is trying to pull you down: It is an undeniable fact that most people will want your downfall. However, no human on this earth is without enemies. A little trust therefore may go a long way. International businesses grow exponentially because they learn to trust fellow humans.

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Just put in a few controls. If you have a business idea that will likely make you successful but lack the expertise, reach out to a friend who has the expertise and implement it together. There are few people you can always trust. Remember to always look on the bright side.

Do you think I left out something? Or do you disagree with something? Let me hear from you in the comment section

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