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You can run but you cannot hide: New Police IGP finally to showcase his prowess to Ghanaians?

The new police IGP Dr George Akuffo Dampare assumed office on the 1st August 2021 and was slapped with his first case involving the sudden death of his adorable Constable by name Asiedu Sandra from Savannah Region in Damango. This case is currently trending on all media channels as journalists are giving break down of the whole issues.

The current situation in Damango in the Savannah Region confirmed that the suspected Murderer who Killed Constable Sandra Asiedu is her own Boyfriend by Name Luis Asante. They made it known that the two love birds have been in relationship for too long and no one expect such a thing to happen between them. Hardly will a genuine lover do such a thing to his or her love mate.

We can't stand here and declare the innocence of Luis Asante since he cannot he found after the death of Constable Sandra Asiedu was announced in the Savannah Region by the police. Since the case is turning into a different dimension altogether, it is precieve that Luis Asante cannot be found on the soil of Savannah Region and hence more prove to show that he is the Murderer.

Our main concern in this case is to find out how the new IGP will respond to the case and the measures to put in place to let the cat out of the bag. The position given to Dr George Akuffo Dampare is not just for fun. It call for massive duty. He is well qualified and fit for the work therefore we expect his prowess to display in this case for the truth to prevail. We want him to use his strategies to tackle the case with ease and Ghanaians will appluad him.

The Murderers cannot be found but not under the watch of Dr Dampare Akuffo the new Police IGP. They can run but they can't hide. Their whereabout will be made known under the perfect strategies of Dr George Akuffo Dampare. We believe he will showcase his prowess to defend and to prove his capabilities to Ghanaians that he deem fit for his position.

Better still Luis Asante the Boyfriend of Asiedu Sandra must be identified. He can't hide any longer. His idenfication will surely portray some truth behind the death of Sandra Asiedu. Luis Asante must be intoregated concerning the death of Aseidu Sandra. The news we gathered yesterday proves that Constable Sandra Asiedu was stabbed to death in her own room without mercy as the knife lies beside the lifeless body.

The new IGP must show up and display his skills to arrest the Murderers especially the Luis Asante. This will give Ghanaians the hope to trust Dr George Akuffo Dampare very well. Dr Dampare George Akuffo succeeded Former IGP James Oppong Boanuah.

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