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Food Vendor Exposed For Selling Male Organ As Meat To People (Video)

The world is now in a state that things that happen now adays will seem to amaze you.

Issues of people dying of food poisoning every now and then keeps surfacing on social media that people no longer know whom to trust.

Recently, it looks as if the means by which people are dying lately is as a result of certain food they consume from outside.

Way back then, before one can stand up and say they want to sell food, they must pass certain health requirements before they can sell food for public consumption.

Off late, you can just get a person who would rise up just one morning and begin to sell food in their own corner without necessarily going through any strict procedures.

In the video trending online, a lady was Soo surprised as she bought "Tuo zaafi" and upon eating realised something weird about the meat she was eating.

According to the lady, she opted for intestines to be added to her food as the meat and during eating, she realized that something looked bigger in it and decided to remove it from the soup to check.

To her utmost surprise, the substance came out as a man's private part with the tiny hole at the top visible.

She decided to share this online for everyone to see what we are actually consuming when we risk buying food from outside.

The next time you decide to buy food from outside, make sure you have some kind of information on the vendor before patronising their products.

As this has been realized, the vendor needs to be traced and arrested for investigations on the matter so as to know how she came about with a human part, for the actual source to be traced.

It seems the only thing to reduce the occurrence of these incidents is to make sure that, before anyone sets up a stand anywhere to sell anything that will be for human consumption, adequate information must obtained about them and frequent unannounced inspection should be conducted to ensure safety of the consumers and the entire populace.

Please click on the link below to watch the video:

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Soo Tuo zaafi


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