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Video. Caskets floating at Abbosey Okai zongo after a few hours of rain in Accra.

Floods occurring during the rainy season in this country are no longer a surprise to some of us because every time there is heavy rain in the country, we find out that some communities always get flooded. Despite the fact that we go through this every year, it appears that we are not going to solve the country's flooding problems anytime soon. As a nation and as a people, we always talk about how important it is to find a way to prevent floods during each rainy season, but once the raining season or raining stops, we forget about it until the next rainy season arrives.

This should not be the case because, as a nation, we have come a long way since independence, and flooding should be a thing of the past for us. No street should flood when it rains, and no one's room should flood when it rains heavily. However, this is not the case, and every time there is a heavy rainfall, or even a small rainfall, our street floods, causing a great deal of chaos, as happened in Abossey Okai and other parts of Accra after a few hours of rainfall this Friday.

Following today's rainfall, some parts of Accra, such as Abossey Okai, were flooded to the point where when you went to the Abossey Okai zongo, a casket shop was flooded and the coffins inside the shop floated away on the water outside the shop, according to a video we saw. The flooding problem is becoming so serious that floods are washing away people's goods such as caskets from their shops. Not only Abossey Okai, which is experiencing flooding as a result of Accra's rain today, but also Kaneshie, which has reportedly flooded again. This happens always when ever there is a heavy rainfall in Accra, but unfortunately no long term solution has been found to ensure that Accra and other parts of Ghana do not flood when it rains.

And it's past time for us, as citizens, to do our part to ensure that the flooding problem is resolved, because the government can't do everything for us. As citizens, we can help to prevent flooding by not dumping trash in the gutters, which blocks the flow of water. It's past time for us to assist the government in resolving the flooding problem because, at the end of the day, it's the average citizen who suffers the most when floods occur.

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