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Notorious armed robbers arrested as leader 'vanishes' before police

Police have upon a tip off captured some Yarigabisi Zuarungu-based outfitted looters Sunday Nia and Ishmael Yetinga who were the group that assaulted and ransacked one Anafo Charles of immense amounts of cash some time prior.

The head of the pack one Yaw Bapila pseudonym bodyman, what police's identity was practically shutting on evaporated just before their eyes when he saw them drawing closer. 

The pack of famous looters assaulted and burglarized Mr. Anafo at gunpoint of his money the amount of Gh¢78,000 and a Nokia telephone with Mobil le Money Merchant equilibrium of Gh¢30,000. The pack likewise took his Samsung A10s cell phone esteemed at Gh¢4800 and infinix hot 8 cell phone esteemed Gh¢699 just as a lot of keys. 

Examination uncovered that the burglary was arranged by one Yaw Bapila otherwise called 'Bodyman' who drove different looters that included Nia Sunday.

At the point when police captured Nia Sunday, he at that point drove police to the place of Yaw Bapila and keeping in mind that the police were en route to capture Yaw Bapila, after seeing the police van from far, he and three different partners associated to be individuals with the theft group hopped on two motorbikes and dashed off.

Police quickly directed a pursuit of Bapila's room within the sight of his significant other Patricia Basanatam and discovered two siphon activity firearms, a case and two move of cartridges, a blade, military boot, two military regalia and covers with two DV plates.

The Police stretched out their enquiries to Gbani and captured speculate Yentinga Ishmael who is likewise claimed to be important for suspect Yaw Babila-drove gathering.

Police are putting forth attempts to capture the lead looter and his associate to aid examination.

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