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Check A New way Scammers Use to Hack your whatsapp number and how to be Safe

Day in day out as technology improved, Scammers try to take advantage of it to use it in the wrong way. The Hackers have gone wiser. Especially those scammers who use to send lottery numbers and fraudulent messages into groups. They now look for Admin who is vulnerable, hack the number and remove other admins so nobody can remove them on the platform.


Please anytime you receive a notification that a member of our group changed his phone, quickly remove that new number from the platform anandll the particular member on his/her old number to confirm if truly he/she is the one changing to the new number. If it is confirmed, you can then re-add his/her contact This is a new scam of getting into a group platform to access other members' contacts and details for fraudulent purposes. This is becoming rampant. Let's be guided, please

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