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Roland Walker causes stir & receives massive reactions from Ghanaians after sharing this story

Apart from the double pandemics (the Coronavirus pandemic and Security syndrome) we are facing currently in Ghana, we are being occasionally striken by troubling fire outbreaks.

Although we have experts in the areas of Fire Prevention, Fire Management and Fire Control across all the country's sixteen regions, our markets continue to suffer severely from this 'pandemic'.

What is more hearbreaking is that after spending Millions of US dollars to establish these spacious markets, we send them to the gutters, partly due to the negligence of some market women, buyers or fire experts.

The blame is admittedly a shared one, but in all, the Government bears the greater responsibility, since it will be compelled to put in place urgent measures to bring it back to normality.

But on a serious note, it seems the law is missing something very significant. In most occasions, each time fire outbreak occurs in a market or any public facility, emphasis is mostly placed on the victims, which is exactly a better decision as humanitarian agents who care so much about people's lives and properties. However, the law is gradually being lenient on perpetrators or culprits who cause all this mess due to their negligence or carelessness.

Again, the law appears to be so silent on fire personnel who fail to ensure proper management and control of fire outbreaks due to their recklessness, each time they are called upon to do so.

Sometimes Ghana Fire Service may intentionally not respond to the calls of people caught up in such situations or may give an excuse that they are in short of water supply or other key fire control items.

Whether it is true or not, this justification does not hold in any circumstance. As an imperative Emergency Service Team, they must be equipped with all the necessary equipment and tools to ensure the effective and efficient execution of their assigned mandates.

Failure on their part to respond timely and efficiently to fire situations could cause the nation a huge sum of money and loss of precious lives.

Meanwhile, in response to the story shared by Roland Walker (TV3 Network - Ghana) News Anchor on his Facebook page concerning the fire outbreak which occured today (July 5, 2021) at Accra's Makola Market, many Ghanaians (Facebook users) have given their respective blasting reactions, constructive opinions, suggestions, recommendations and key preventive measures.

Though some may appear so blasting, a greater focus can be on the curative, preventive and proactive ones.

The photos below show how Ghanaians reacted to the Makola Market Fire Situation:

I think going forward, the Government and Ghana Fire Service Team should regularly pay more attention to some of the constructive criticisms and blasting comments made by people on our various social media platforms.

Also watch the video shared by Roland Walker below:

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