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Why Does Anas Covers His Face With A Mask?

Anas Aremeyaw Anas is a Ghanaian investigative journalist who has utilized his anonymity as a tool in his investigative arsenal,and this has made him very popular in West Africa where most of the investigation is done.He is well known as an undercover investigative journalist,the name Anas Aremeyaw Anas is just pseudonym apart from that,no one has ever seen his face.Many Ghanaians are wondering why he always covers his face with a mask,but the main reason is for security purposes.

The kind of job he does is a very difficult one,and personal security is key for him.Ahmed Suale one of his key associate was murdered after he revealed his face to the media,and up to now the real suspect has not been found.Many Ghanaians are confident Anas will work to expose the real killers of Ahmed Suale.Anas is believed to be a treat to some people and people are constantly on the look for him.He covers his face to prevent uncertainties.

His works end him major international honours including the Heroes Acting to End Modern Day Slavery Award, by the US department Of State.The Every Human Has A Rights Award In France and the Lorenzo Natali Prize by the European Commission.

Anas outfit which soon became a subject of discussion inspired many, particularly on social media,to wear replica mask in solidarity with his anti-corruption campaign.He even removed his mask on live TV but many believes he is not the real Anas.He covers his face to prevent people from attacking him.


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