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Please Have Mercy On Me - Thief Begs For Dear Life As He Is Dragged By A Motorbike On The Streets

If you do good, you do for yourself, if you do bad, you do for yourself. In other words, everything you do has consequences both good and bad.

Every day for the thief man, one day for the master. A thief was captured by a community and was severely brutalized.

A video shared by blogger and publicist Busumuru Sean Kingston captured a thief being dragged on a muddy street by motorbikes for stealing unknown items. 

The blogger reiterated that the lack of belief in our security and police force has enabled citizens to take the law into their own hands and display barbaric actions when they spot crime. It's believed that the incident occurred in the Ashanti Region.

Social media users who spotted the video were simply astonished by the level of savagery thrown at this suspect. Many social media users didn't condone the punishment he faced for the crimes he committed because they believed it too harsh.

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