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Watch Video: Man Recieves Dirty Slaps For Gossiping About A Lady

What we know to be usual in ladies surprisingly has now come on men. It very difficult to see a man gossiping about the other unlike ladies so this seems to be rare cases.

Video making rounds on social media tells the story of a guy recieving dirty slaps for allegedly gossiping.

According to the video, the agitated lady who we believe is the lady the guy gossiped about took the guy into his hands strikes him with dirty slap. The guy seemed confused and disgraced so didn't make any attempt to fight back than to receive the slap.

The guy was seen in Yello top and jeans trouser. The noice at the scene got the attention of the neighbors as they journey to the scene to help calm the situation in other to make peace. Surprisingly, those neighbors after getting to know of what the man did teamed up and joined the lady to strike the man together. Infact they man was seriously beating to the peak.

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