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The Dangers of Empowering Women in Ghana

The leadership of Ghana has been talking about empowering women in the country to play in the same level with men. This is a good idea and a welcoming initiative.

However, the empowerment of women has so many disadvantages to men in terms of marriage and to the vulnerable women as well. From the beginning of creation women is a women and they were not created to lead.

In both the Bible and Qur'an women are not supposed to lead when men are there. But these days what are we not seeing, look at the few women in high positions. Look at their lifestyles and how they are managing their positions.

Have you ever heard of a Reverend Mother before? Why. Because the Bible says that a woman must put the husband first and a woman can never lead in any where when there is a man. Have you ever heard of a woman being a chief imam? Why do Muslims divide the mosque in to two? Because a woman can never lead a man and even they don't even supposed to mingle with men in leadership that is why the mosque will be crossed so the women can not see the men.

Look at these days marriages, how to get a sustainable marriage is a big problem to men because the women think that they have power and they know thier rights. God save Ghana.

Today most men are not willing to marry educated women because they think that if they marry them they will a problem to them in the marital home. Because of women empowerment a woman will take control of her marital home which should not be the case.

Ask our high ranked women, how many of them have ever perform her duties as a woman in a marital home. All they do is house girl and be maltreating the these future wives in thier custody.

But everyday empowerment of women meanwhile go to WAJU, Court, CHRAJ etc and ask for the number of marital problems they tackle in every month.

Our leaders should take a second look into this that is killing Ghana.

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