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The military and a policeman saves the day after a clash.

I was just few hours ago around 5:30pm when people were finding their way home after hard days work, just in front of UTV's ship house, abeka junction.

It is understood that these men who were full of themselves on the road with some sitting on top of the car and others sitting on the car doors with their heads out of the car were coming from the route of alajo.

With no one being able to understand what really caused the traffic the group that was heading to lapaz was blocked, they didn't understand came down from the car to path way for their cars.

In the sense even an ambulance in the lane had to find a different route to get to destination.

A soldier car from no where appeared and police man also appears.

The security personnel faced the angry youth caused an aggressions for a while and the end peace elevated.

Thanks to our security personnel everything settled in no time.

But no one recognized who these people were and why they moved in such a manner.

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