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'The Young Man, Truth Be Told, Is My Friend. It Was Only Four Days Ago That He Came To My House

“When we went to look, he had butchered Stephen’s hands, his feet, and head and stored it in his fridge.”

According to him, the suspect, Richard Appiah, was a friend who worked within the construction business. The suspect was a surveyor.

“The young man, truth be told, is my friend. It was only four days ago that he came to my house that – I also work with him, he’s a surveyor – he came to tell me that the land he was planning on developing had sand and blocks on it and he wanted me to sell it for him, so I did

These were the words of a father whose son was murdered by someone he values and takes as a friend. I do not know of anyone who does not have a friend or anyone he or she calls a friend but does the person you value and called as a friend also value and knows you as a friend?

We are living in the end times. People have become cunning and evil in so many ways.99 percent of people come into our lives not because they want to add value to us, they come because of what they can take and gain from you. People go as far as befriending and even marrying people just to destroy them

We are living in times where even when someone who claims to be a friend who wants to help you is only looking to take advantage of you for his benefit and the benefits of the people who want to destroy you.

Many good people can be good friends but there is no better friend like Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ will love you without conditions, he will not seek to use you or destroy you. Jesus Christ will lift you and guarantee you eternal life even after death

I encourage you today to get close to God, to seek Jesus, and accept his gift of salvation for your life

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Is Richard Appiah Stephen The Young Man


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