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The youths are worried about how they can build houses one day as price of cement is too expensive

After all the hard work being done by the youth, they still don't get enough money to save. Jobs in Ghana currently do not pay well due to high cost of living in the country. Aside this, the prices of goods and services in the country is on the rise.

Most people especially the youths get worried about their future. They worry about how they can be able to accommodate their family one day.

This is because, the prices of building materials in the country keep increasing day in and out. 

The cost of iron rods, roofing sheets and other materials made for building are too expensive and it seems the cost will not come down.

The youth also earn low incomes despite their hard work. There will be ways both the government and the youth can solve this issue before it is too late.

Comment below what you think the government can do about this.

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