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Pictures: What Was This Man Doing On The Roof Of An Uncompleted Building?

Life they say is all about taking risk. Most people take risk in their decisions, offices, and even homes. However, some decisions are considered as dangerous for people but they still go ahead to make them regardless of what may happen. 

A young man has been captured on the roof of an uncompleted building in a rather dangerous position. 

The young man could be seen from a long distance standing on the roof of the two storey building.

Wooden slaps are on the building in a scene that's looks like it is now being roofed by carpenters. 

The young man is seen moving from one edge of the wooden slaps to the other. 

He is also spotted holding a measurement tape and was making sure that everything is alright with the roofing.  

He seem to be the carpenter for the uncompleted building but his position is very unpalatable. 

Even though we are working to earn some money for a living, it is very advisable to take our personal safety seriously. 

This young man could have protected himself by using normal safety protective equipment. 

Anything can happen once he is moving from one end of the roofing to the other. 

He could easily slip and fall from the roof and that would be a disaster to his family, friends and loved ones. 

People who employ the services of craftsmen should also ensure that their safety is considered first. 

Let's all be guided by the conduct of this young man and take our safety seriously whenever we are working in our various fields.

Content created and supplied by: BeaNana (via Opera News )


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