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Theft robbery

Armed Robbers run for their lives after being chased by area boys. Watch video

The increase in robbery activities in the country is a threat to national security. Some people that, it is as a result to the high unemployment rate in the country. However, this is not a guarantee to stand on to steal or rob. There are laws in the country which forbids it.

This comes after Armed robbers ran for their lives after they were caught. According to report, their robbery was not successful and so doing, they have been caught. Robbers were captured in a video running to a popular restaurant in Osu, Accra as a means of protection from the areas boys.

According to reports, these area boys were with sticks and other weapons as a means to punish and lynch the robbers. Robbers went the KFC restaurant and pleaded with the workers over there to call the police very fast before the area boys get them first.

Please watch the video here.

Robbery is not a good thing to do even if you have no alternative. Everyone will testify that, the economy is very hard and for that matter, people do struggle to get earns meat. These little tokens people struggle to get is what Robbers rob them on.

The rate of robbers being lynched or beaten to death is on the rise. Let's get rid of robbery in the country.

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