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Pure Wickedness: See What This Mother Allegedly Did To Her Baby That Causes Many To React Online

There is no way one can justify a mother who abandoned her child when he was a toddler. Though if it has to be a matter of life and death then one can still say it's behind human control. But apart from that, there is no way the mother can justify her abandoning her child. 

However, the worst of it has to be this case of a woman who allegedly abandoned her baby in the middle of the road. The incident was told on Facebook by a popular page known as Igbo Rant Hq. And according to the post drop by the page, the innocent child was dropped by an unknown person in the middle of the road. And this made them wonder why some people could be so heartless like this because if you want to abandon your child, you should at least take the child to some orphanage house where the child will be taken care of, instead of you drop the child In the middle of the road where anything can happen to the child.

This post has made many people react on social media with the majority of the people against the kind of suffering young child was made to pass-through.

Here are people's reactions to the post.

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