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Gutters in Ghana Vs Gutters in Japan

Ghana ranks very low in the Environmental Performance Index, making Ghana one of the dirtiest countries in the world. Ghana's sanitation woes are evident in the poor waste disposal, poor drainage and sewerage systems and a generally lackadaisical attitude of citizens towards sanitation.

It is not uncommon to see human beings easing themselves on Ghanaian beaches or dumping refuse into gutters. The long term effects of these practices are the periodic cholera outbreaks and floods that plague the nation every year.

In fact a gutter in Ghana is an eyesore. It is full of filth. Gutters are a cocktail or trash, excreta and unwelcome creatures like mosquitoes, toads, snakes and more. Unlike Ghana, Japan has one of the most serene open gutters in the world. Japanese open gutters are usually stocked with beautiful fishes and the water is crystal clear and seemingly drinkable.

The pictures here speak for the situation in Japan. Contrasting it with the local scenario raises the question of when will we get there?

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