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A Mother Sadly Narrates What Happened After The Death Of Her Husband

A mother named Akua Adutwumwaa from Antoa who is a widow tearfully shares what happened after the death of her husband In the woman's narration, she was staying with her husband three children. They worked together and established two container shops, One fateful day, her husband sent her to where their shops was located and asked her to select the one she wants.

She had no idea that, the moment was the last time she will be with her husband. In the evening the man went unconscious, he was immediately sent to the hospital to seek treatment but he didn't survive. The woman said it was a sad moment for her because she never expected her husband to leave her at that time. She made preparations together with her late husband's family members to organize his funeral.

But after her husband's funeral, her in-laws didn't give her any of the property she made with the man because he didn't make any will for them. Maame Adutwumwaa said she started trading to take care of the children, she even went for a loan for her trading but she couldn't pay back the loan.

She detailed that she used part of the money to provide their daily meals and also pay for the children's fees. What makes her sad is that she has been attending the same church with her in-laws but they don't even care about them, she is the only one who has been taking all the responsibility for the children.

Maame Adutwumwaa revealed that because of the debt she owes at the bank, she leaves the house early in the morning and comes back home at midnight to avoid the people she owes from seeing her. She also said she has been hiding from them for a couple of months but she can't continue again so she wants her husband's family to give her a share of the property she made with her husband so that she can either sell it or work in it and repay her debts.

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