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My Neighbour's Wife Came To My Room By 4:00am To Complain About Him, I Told Her To Come Inside— Man

My Neighbour's Wife Came To My Room By 4:00am To Complain About Him, I Told Her To Come Inside — Man

A Twitter user has recently narrated how his neighbour's wife visited his room in the night after she discovered that her husband is cheating on her. 

Infidelity can be one of the most painful experiences you can have next to losing a child. The pain that is created by the betrayal is nearly unbearable, and much healing is needed afterward, whether you stay in the relationship or not.

Infidelity is so painful because it strikes at the core of your life , the base upon which you've chosen to build your life. And when your core is threatened, it's normal for the rest of your perceptions about life to become suspect. This leads to disorientation and confusion.

He slept on his bed when he heard someone knock at his door, according to the man simply called Vanessa. After he opened the door, he found him to be his neigbor's wife.

He asked her what happened and said she'd gone to her husband. At first, she thought the husband was dead, but she said he left her for a side chic when she asked more. So he asked her to come in and told her about it. The woman told him that for the past two months her husband had been on the ground but at first hadn't suspected anything.

But after a couple of weeks she noticed that her wardrobe was sleeping. When she asked her daughter what had happened, the maid told her the clothes had been with him. She discovered that the husband secretly removed his clothes from home after further enquiry. He doesn't give it back to so-called fieldwork if he chooses a cloth. She found out later he had a new boyfriend, so he moved to a new compound.

Vanessa urged her to support her. But he told him when calling the husband and asking him where he was, he was with his new wife, and he didn't care about the former wife.

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