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Mosquitoes And Stench Emanating From Pokuase Interchange Becoming Unbearable- Residents Cry

Residents living around Pokuase Interchange cry for help as many down with malaria as a result of the open drainage in front of their houses near the interchange, breeding some "Omnicron" stubborn mosquitoes!

Since the construction of the interchange and the open drainage accompanying it, many have said their household have found no rest with mosquitoes. They have complained bitterly about the situation for sometime now. 

Why will modern day civil engineers design such a nice interchange with open drainage where the residents are using it as a place of convenience, urinating and dumping of waste? It beats my imagination. 

Most of the people who alight from public transport in Pokuase from Accra, Kwabenya etc, use this open drainage in front of the houses around as a urinating point. The stench emanating from it is unbearable. They said they have complained severally, but to no avail. Now the level of mosquitoes using their families as their preys are really very nauseating. 

"I am sick at the moment. Pray for me. I don't want to die. I blame the consultant engineer, Mr Bimpong, who covered the drainage in front of other household and left our own because, he had personal issues with us. Life is there for all of us" one of the residents shared his ordeal.

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