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Madman Captured Seriously Grinding A Lady's Backside On The Road.

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A viral video circulating online shows a madman seriously grinding a lady's backside in a broad day light.

The incident is reported to have taken place at Accra near to the Accra mall.

In the viral video, the madman was seen holding the ladies waist very firmly as the lady was bending down whiles he stands at her immediate back 'grinding' her. The video has brought a lot of public reactions all over social media platforms. How on earth could a man with a mental disorder develop such feeling for a lady. But another question here too is why the lady allowed herself to be treated like this by a madman on the streets without hesitating.

But according to public opinion, it is possible that a man in his right senses could portray as a madman just to do such an act for a ritual purpose. Because people will not tolerate it when comes in his actual sane form to do such thing in public.

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