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The Man Who Spent 23 Years Playing With Children Surprises The World.

In one African region, we found a man who has spent 23 years playing with children who many call the guardian of Angel.This man has spend all these years playing with children and it all started in 1998 when he was a teacher.

Each and every time he went back home you could see children who could not study and because this, he always take drugs and do more studies to help the children. He then quit his wealthy job and when from house to house, asking parents to send him children and he teaches them for free of charge. He is called Everette and he started teaching children from poor families and now the community people loves him. He wakes up every day, takes these children from their homes and teach them. After his story went viral, he got support from different people. He was given the clothes and he's now dressing well and his students also look smart. That is how life of a good samaritan improve. This is, kindly me for more news and documentaries.

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