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Road Accident

5 Seriously Injured After A Sprinter Bus Crashed Other Vehicles At Kwame Nkrumah Circle.

It's quite rare to hear about accidents occurring at certain places but yesterday wasn't a good day for most passengers and drivers as they witnessed an ugly scene at circle. The said vehicle was a sprinter bus moving from Amasaman to Accra. According to a witness who happened to be in the sprinter bus when all this happened, he was headed for Accra and there seemed to be nothing wrong with the sprinter when he got on board. Everything was working fine up until they got to circle.

According to the witness, when they got to circle, certain passengers alighted as usual and the bus set of afterwards. The driver in question used the upper section of the interchange and as they were descending, he tried applying the brake but it kept failing him. Not knowing what to do, he began to shout for help in the car and unfortunately ended up crashing other cars that were ahead of him on that lane.

As a result, five people ended up being seriously injured and were rushed to the nearest hospital to receive treatment.

If only the driver knew how to control his car after brake failure, this accident would have been less serious. One technique is that when your brakes fail you try using your gears to control the car if you are using a manual car. For automatic cars, try adhering to speed limits to save yourself and others.

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