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END TIME IS NEAR: This is What Two Beautiful Girls Were Caught Doing in Public That Got People Angry

Our fathers used to say that the youths are the leaders of tomorrow, but the youths of today are already destroying that tomorrow before it even arrived. The world is full of surprises, full of people with shocking behaviours who are ready to carry out any type of bad deeds all in the name of freedom.

The rate at which people engage in immorality is becoming unbearable, the law enforcement bodies and the government should be doing enough to curb these things by implementing a strict punishment for offenders, this way the act of bad behaviours, immorality and indecency will reduce in no time.

Two well-known beautiful young ladies, Ronke and Priscilla, were caught eating the forbidden fruit of each other. This shocking incident happened in the Ogun State, the western part of Nigeria. The two girls were caught red-handed engaging themselves in a high level of immorality without any clothes on their body.

Reports reveal that Ronke has always been spotted going to Priscilla's house almost every afternoon, and she also used to spend the night in her place. People had believed that both of them were just close friends who only love being close to each other, not knowing that they had other ideals. One of the people that was present at the scene revealed that he knows Ronke very well, and he could never think that she could be that type of person.

However, it was on a sunny afternoon around 2 pm when Mr John, one of the tenants who was staying in the same house with them reveals that he started hearing both of them moaning, at first he thought it Priscilla had brought home a man to service her, but he heard a voice of another lady different from Priscilla's, and that was what prompted him to spy through the window and he couldn't believe what he saw, it was Ronke and Priscilla on to of each other.

He said they both thought he had gone to work, but he was not feeling fine that day, and he was trying to rest in his room. After he saw them through the window, he quickly called the neighbors, and they forced the door open and saw both of them naked doing ungodly things to each other. They took pictures of them and started beating both of them. Eventually, they were handed over to the police for further investigation and appropriate punishment.

I want to urge all parents to teach their children how to behave accurately. It is important to make them realise that we are in Africa, and we have our own cultural values. They should be taught how to maintain decency and never join any bad gang that will lead them to sin against God.

Do you think they got the treatment they deserve or the treatment is too harsh on them? Let's hear your own opinion

Content created and supplied by: Hajia_Maryam (via Opera News )

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