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The Attitude Of This Health Worker Provokes Reactions From The Public

Since the death of the twins of the couple Moro, the news has revolved around the field of health. Testimonies are increasingly made in discussion forums to confirm the mistreatment received from health workers.

The rate that most of us concentrate on our phones nowadays has become a big concern. Sometimes we tend to act funny by neglecting something necessary and face unnecessary things. This shouldn't be the case because there's time for everything and the saying goes, "make hay while the sunshine".

A Facebook picture that reflects this bad behavior has been circulating since yesterday. As you can see, there is no help from a health worker standing in front of the health center to a man arriving in an emergency with his son.

The latter focuses rather on the handling of your phone than on the patient's care. An attitude which has caused many reactions in the discussion forum since yesterday.

We call on medical personnel to help people who are sick, because they choose to do so. They must therefore take their task seriously, since they are paid for it.

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