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Kidnapper busted with 70 children

This world is indeed turning to something else. Still can not believe why there are some people with bad mindset who are disgrace to humanity because some actions they do are purely inhumane.

Women are known to be kindhearted and softhearted but it seems there is a total mix up of character description which is totally wrong.

The winds of information blowing take us to benin city where a woman has been busted for kidnapping 70 children. The culprit who was busted is said to be specialized in kidnapping children who are below 7 years and sell them to her buyers . This is a clear form of human trafficking in the highest level because the children will be deprived of their Rights and freedom.

However the building where the trafficking takes place was stormed by the Benin City Police Command and in a video posted by Anambra Broadcasting Service, 70 children were found in the house of which many are minor.

Information of how the culprit obtained these children have not yet been revealed, although many people believe that the majority of these children are lost children whose parents have been searching for them without success.The suspect intends to keep the minors in the house until their buyers arrive.

Parents with missing children are encouraged to contact the Benin City Police Department to see if their child is one of the 70 people rescued from human traffickers.

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