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Video: Angry man single handed beat four people for throwing rubbish on the street.

Being a good and Patriotic citizen means sacrificing yourself to put things in order, irrespective of how society may see you from afar. In this part of the world, sanitation has become very difficult to deal with. Poor sanitation seems to becoming something we are gradually accepting to be normal,, but it is the same thing that is drawing us back. Our lives depend on the environment, so if the environment is sick, then, we are all sick as well.

A video which has gain viewership on Facebook has something to do with sanitation. In the video, there was a traffic jam on the road, a door to a car was opened and rubbish thrown out. All of a sudden, someone got out of his car and gathered the rubbish and threw it back into the car where it came from. 

This caused them to be angry, and a fight was initiated. The good citizen according to how he beat four people all alone might be a taekwondo master because he had skills and energy. If all people could behave like the way he did, things would have been better for us all, especially in Africa.

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