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Little Boy Was So Sick That He Was Dumped In A Tomb To Die But This Is What A Stranger Did For Him

A good Samaritan has won people's hearts with a charitable act of generosity he demonstrated to a little boy dumped on a tomb for fate to decide whether he would live or die.Luckily for him, a good Samaritan by the name of Benjamin saw him lying lifelessly in a tomb.

According to Benjamin, he saw this little dumped left to die since he was rejected and seen as a curse. When asked if he could take the boy, he was told how useful he would be to you. Benjamin didn't want this little boy to die. He chose to save his life by taking him to the hospital for better medical care and treatment. 

Marvellous was admitted and treated at the hospital. He's recovering now. Benjamin has vowed to give him a better life and help him become a better person in life. Benjamin took to social media to share this and equally seeks help from anyone who's willing to help this little boy.

This man doesn't seem rich, but he's rich in the heart. What would have been the faith of this little one if he was not rescued and taken to the hospital? Maybe he'd be dreadful by now. Truly good people still exist. 

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