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Road Accident

The causes of road accident.

Many life's are Lost because of the rampant road accident cases that are being recorded in many places, some body may asked what is road accident?

Road accident can be defined as an accident between one or more vehicles or between vehicles and an object. Examples of the objects maybe, tree, building and many more.

Accident on the road can be caused by;

1.Drinking and driving, when the driver who is controlling the vehicle have take in some alcoholic drinks. The person will experience slow reaction time, decrease in vision and also reduce the concentration of the person.

2. Over speeding, is where a driver run at an excessive speed over the actual speed limit of the vehicle. Some drivers in Ghana here like money than saving life,they will drive speed so that they can do more work in a day to get more money in their pockets not knowing the bad roads in this country is dangerous.

3. Over taking, accident sometimes are caused by the over taking, and a little definition for over taking is when a vehicle Cath up with and pass while traveling in the same direction. Approximately, 1.35 million people die in road crushes each year;on average 3,700 people lose their lives everyday on the road. An additional 20-50 million people suffer non-fatal injuries, often leading in long-term disabilities.

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