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An Aged Woman Does Something Strange On Street Corner(See Photos)

An aged woman spreads love during pandemic by waving every day to strangers on street corner

An elderly Canadian woman has been spreading love in the street of Calgary by standing outside, blowing kisses, waving and offering air hugs to commuters driving past.

The aged woman from Canada stands on a street corner in her vicinity each day just to wave, blow kisses and give mock hugs to commuters who drive past.

The Canadian woman by name Helen Jusic, 84, stands at an intersection in Calgary's Bridgeland area and try not toanyone. Jusic had been busy enlisting as a volunteer until those activities came to an end with the covid-19 pandemic.

I said, "Dear God, help me to do something". I felt a bird in the cage," Jusic revealed to the outlet.

Her daily dose of generosity began when she walked pass a bus driver at the intersection. The bus driver smiled and waved back at her. A vehicle passing by then waved, once again, Jusic waved back.

"I had the perception, 'I can do something'. And that is how I began" she confirmed to CTV News.

Her sweet daily routine has since been captured in pictures and videos spread on social media. Kerry Bennett, a young woman who returned to Calgary from Torino to do business, shared footage of Jusic waving and blowing kisses to strangers on April 16.

"It feels good to be in Calgary. This woman stands on the streets everyday in Bridgeland, waving and blowing kisses and giving mock hugs to passers-by. So touching," Bennett shared on Instagram.

Helen Jusic, 84, is pictured waving in the neighborhood of Calgary on April 16.

Bennett revealed to the newspaper outlet that Jusic's generosity felt like " getting a hug that I had really been missing for a year".

Jusic has received gifts such as flowey from people far away including fans in Miami, Florida and Brazil. Jusic received a silk scarf in her mailbox, and several thank you notes, CTV News reported.

A note she got from a health care worker battling with death and grief in the midst of the ongoing pandemic. It was literally signed, "Your Neighbor."

"I make use of the drive home to refresh my memory and my heart from all troubles before I attend to my family's needs and wants,"reads the letter, said by CTV News. "Your beautiful act of generosity keeps us all be present and cause us to smile."

Jusic reveals she plans to keep doing her everyday routine of waves and air kisses even once the pandemic begins to decrease.

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