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Husband and wife relationship

Woman Mysteriously Turns To A Cow After Sleeping With Someone’s Husband

This story somehow sounds strange and shocking but it is real as we speak now. A Tanzanian woman has allegedly been turned into cow as a result of her escapades with a married man. Her legs changed into cow hooves and she also grew a tail much to the shock of residents.

According to unconfirmed rumours, the woman in the video is alleged to have snatched someone else’s husband and the husband’s wife reportedly bewitched her. On the other hand, some are speculating that she slept with a married man and her legs mysteriously turned into those of a cow.

The lady can be seen sitting on the floor with her hoove legs out and visible under her wrapping in a video that has gone viral. Many social media users has expressed their shock and finds this news somehow unbelievable. Here is a video of the woman;

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