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Effect of gay and lesbian

Effect of gay and lesbian to a county and individual

Gay and lesbian is one of the malpractice that affect a country in the sense that if a country practice this gay and lesbian It will decrease population growth and this will also decrease the labour force in country

This practice also go against the will of God and due as it was stated in the Bible

This immoral practice can also bring more pressure in the health center such that if a man ejaculate through the anal it has an effect and if the larger population in the country practice this gay and lesbian,there are going to be more illness In the country

Gay and lesbian is an act that needs to be abolish as a county and as individual.many people of these days practice this act because of lust and as a county you have to stop displaying of nude pictures and pornographic in the media.

As individual you have to stop watching uneccessary TV shows that can lead you to that act and also you have to stop watching pornographic videos.

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