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Family members of dead man decide to surprise Ghanaians by writing this on his funeral poster

Death is inevitable and no matter how you try to escape it, it keeps pursuing you till it finally gets to hold you and pin you down. It leaves people in pain and carves scars which runs deep into the body. This is when family members come together as one to mourn the dead.

During moments like these, the family members organizes meetings and decide on how to lay the dead body to rest. Well, that is when you get to see that people really love the dead. They sometimes ignore you when alive and show you love when dead. During the meetings, one important point which comes up is the making of posters for the dead person.

They usually insert into the funeral poster, one of the pictures of the deceased and also include important things such as the name of the person as well as the age of the person before death finally took over.

"Obituary", "Gone too soon", "Home call", "What a shock" and other writings are normally seen on these posters. These have been the new normal since we have seen them over and over again.

This article exposes us to a new writing in town which happens to be circulating at a faster rate. I bet most of us have never seen such a term on a funeral poster and most of us have never envisioned it happening in these times but like a lightening, it appeared out of nowhere.

Robert Kumah is a Ghanaian young man who had to taste the bitter aspect of life after death came for him. Everyone was expecting his funeral poster to portray the normal words we have always been seeing from time immemorial.

But his story was way different. They had to use "new ghost" which literally means a new ghost is now in town. In as much as this is funny, it is also sad.

Why would you out of the clauses in the whole world decide to choose these for a dead body? People are really going far with things!!!

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