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Road Accident

Moments when private vehicle drivers decided to agitate their clients

The emergence of private transport vehicles has helped many people in this country with their day-to-day activities. You only have to order a ride and see the driver appear in the shortest possible time, hoping to take you to the destination you want.

These rides have positively impacted on the transportation of clients but sometimes, it goes the wrong way. You sometimes order a ride only for the driver to waste your time and later call you asking you to cancel it. The pain that comes with such a request is sometimes unbearable and gets clients agitated.

For other drivers, their attitude will piss you off. They have bad communication skills and even ask their clients to pay more than the actual cost of their trip.

In this article, I am going to talk about different times when some drivers decided to go way too far with their clients. Let us not waste much time as we stroll through them.

1. This guy waited for his driver only for him to be told that the car he was expecting cannot even start.

2. There is this arrogant driver who will ask you to buy your own car if you complain he's delaying.

3. No off days, "ahomasuo 24/7".

4. Why ask me where I am going when you have a vehicle problem in the first place?

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