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Road Accident

The cause and effect of road accident.

So many souls are Lost due to the excessive road accidents. When we talk about road accident,it is an accident between one or more vehicles, and/or another object. But here ,we are going to discuss the causes and effects of road accident.


1. Over speeding, is a condition in which an engine is forced to turn over it's design limit or over speeding is where a driver run at an excessive speed over the actual speed limit of the vehicle.

2. Distraction to driver, example of the distractions are, talking and texting, talking to passengers, not looking at the road while driving and many more.

3.Over taking, accident sometimes are caused by over taking, and over taking is when a vehicle Cath up with and pass while traveling in the same direction.


There are many effects of road accident but we are going to discuss only two of them and they are:

1. Loss of live, many people have lose their lives due to accident. When you go to the mortuary, 60% of the dead bodies are there because of road accident.

2. Injuries and disabilities, we have so many examples of disability and injuries they are,limb loss and amputation,fractures,vision impairment, mental health conditions and many more.

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