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Theft robbery

Take a look at where notorious criminals are kept as animals and what they go through

Notorious criminals can be bank robbers, cult leaders, gangsters, and even serial killers. There is no single factor that puts them on the list of the most notorious, but these criminals are among the most vile and talked about villains the world has ever seen.

If you dare put them in any prison cell or building, they would definitely escape. Such criminals are kept in a place where they can never escape no matter what. Take a look at the place where the notorious criminals are kept;

Every criminal has a motive and that is to steal. They mostly kill those they rob especially if their face has been exposed in order to clear any evidence that might lead to their capture.

Anyone who makes a thief get caught suffers especially when they return, revenge of course. These notorious criminals are kept in steel cages as animals. They are handcuffed and and left standing, if they dare try sitting they would get hurt.

They cannot commit suicide also, no good is given to them because it might lead to their escape as they are very smart. They are left to standing to starve to death.

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