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Bad news hits Konongo Odumasi as two is confirmed dead and four in critical condition

Bad news hits Konongo Odumasi as two is confirmed dead and four in critical condition 

Konongo Odumasi has recorded a tragic incident, which has never happened in the town before, since 1945 after the death of eight people. Families of two people who were among a team of men playing football on a field, has been hit with the death of their relatives, and four others in critical condition. After tender strike the two men on Friday afternoon, following a torrential rain in Konongo Odumasi. Konongo Odumasi is a twin town which lies on the Accra to Kumasi main road, and the traditional lands of Juabeng traditional council. The town has a population of over 110,000 people living in the area, with three different high schools and vocational schools. Because of their tolerance and acceptance culture, people engages themselves every weekend to enjoy togetherness. 

It was on this weekend engagement, that saw serval people run to the Konongo Old Station bar, which is on the Owere mines road. They engage themselves in football matches on the weekends, and is usually a football gala which runs from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon, if there are no funerals in the town. On Friday, before four in the evening, the youth gathered to strengthen their legs and arms with the football match. 

They set their players and it is usually a team of five players each, and one referee in the middle, making each game a total of eleven people on the park at specific point in time. They were playing the first game of the day, and play the subsequent ones on the next day, which was Saturday and the final one on Sunday. Few minutes into the first game was when they witnessed serious clouds forming in the skies, a show of rainfall blessing to the town. 

But the men did not listen to the clouds and they didn't stop the game, because clouds have been forming bigger than what they witnessed on Friday evening, and no rain usually came along with it. All of a sudden, heavy thunder started striking, and they all started running for cover. A coconut tree sitting adjacent to the park, was hit with the heavy thunder and the coconut tree started burning in flames. Two people who were passing by the tree, to seek for a place to hide from the thunder, were both electrified on the spot on Friday evening. The leaves branch of the coconut tree, fell and crashed two additional people running to save the electrified persons, who were lying under the tree. The fruits of the same tree, started falling and another two people were also hit by the fruits of the tree. 

People were afraid to go to the rescue of the six victims, after the four who made attempts to save the first two, were all affected. They waited until the heavy thunder was calmed, before attending to the injured victims. Six people were affected, and they were all taken to the Konongo Odumasi Government Hospital for emergency care, but two were pronounced dead yesterday. The two who were both electrocuted by the thunder, when passing under the coconut tree lost their lives yesterday, whiles the four who went to save the two are still in emergency. 

Doctors of the hospital has been able to stabilize the four, but they fear worst can happen to them, and the four will all be transferred to KATH emergency referral centre this morning. Dr. Fordjour the medical officer in charge of the treatment, made it plain that, the move is to prevent the four from dying because of their condition. And KATH has the machines and logistics to treat them. 

Residents of the town where astonished, as nothing of that sort has happened in the town since 1 March 1945 were a thunder of the same magnitude, stroke the town and killed eight people that day. They were made to believe, they have committed a sin and offered sacrificed to their gods in 1945, and it never repeated again until Friday 12 March. 

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