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Scam Alert: Learn from this, it's a new scam way

It's become evident that people are finding everyway they can to make money. And one of these ways is to assume affiliations with a government branch. Because they know people will trust them enough to pay, contribute, or invest in their venture.

These businesses post an affiliation to various government agencies making people trust them. For example, an online farming club who is seeking funding will advertise their affiliation with Ministry of Agriculture just so they can earn trust from their unsuspecting clients. With flashy websites and convincing contents to convince you. They will then have you make an investment to a mobile money account.

A higher Interest will be paid on this money on a monthly term. This will encourage you to recommend others to invest as well. After about 6months, these people come up with all sorts of excuses to delay payments. Then after, they suddenly disappear into thin air with no one to account for their deals.

The once flourishing business suddenly comes to a halt and you have absolutely no one to report to. Your money is gone.

In my opinion, I think the government should have a website listing all their major agencies and their affiliations. This website must be updated consistently.

Apart from this, detailed adverts should be aired to prevent unsuspecting citizens.


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