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When Land Guards become ‘Legalized Armed Robbers’

The phenomenon of Land Guarding, which practitioners have earned the notorious tag of Land Guards, is certainly an evil act that is eating into the fabric of our society.

Yet our security apparatus behaves as if illegal operations of these guards are as legitimate as the scope of work or duty of our security detail. Is someone complicit somewhere?

On many occasions, land guards have been substituted for armed robbers. Could there be any basis for such comparison? Yes! The mode of operation of the two, is so synonymous to be labelled differently.

Armed robbers use firearms just like land-guards. Many armed robbers work for Lords of the trade; land-guards also work for their Godfathers for a fee. They are both ruthless, mean and lack compassion in the pursuit of their goals.

The object of their mode of operation do not differ the least. The armed robber thinks he needs to exact his/pound of flesh from the societal wealthy class. The land guard pretends to be defending the interest of the rich, but the real motive is to milk dry that wealthy person who has hired his land guarding services.

Don’t be too surprise to find your land guard in an enemy camp if your fee is smaller compared to that of your competitor, who a minute ago, was at the receiving end of your land guard. It’s all about money and survival. Indeed, they are the same side of the coin.

Majority of the two groups are either school drop outs or “graduates” from the streets. You find them in hard core drinking joints where public smoking of cigarette and Indian Hemp is an established order. Some even engage in hard drugs in the open.

The only area they differ in their operations is while the armed robber operates incognito; the land guard operate in the open often challenging even the status quo and the security detail.

The land guard craze is very profound in the nation’s capital, Accra, where chiefs sell lands to more than one or two prospective buyers. The one with the most sophisticated fire-power prevails.

Meanwhile the chiefs who are the conduit in the act are left off the hook. They seem untouchable and will promise a fresh land owner who’s been duped by the said chief of another land as compensation.

The freshly earmarked land has unfortunately been sold by a faction in the said chief’s clan or family. In some instances, this very chief may have even sold the land in dispute to some three or more interested parties. So it becomes a cycle, unending one that most faint hearted within the chain give up their pursuit of what constitute their legitimately acquired land.

They tend to lose every money paid in the land purchase. They even try to recruit rival land guards to fight their cause for them; but many, as tracking have shown, become an exercise or a fight in futility. The desperate victim thus loses another money in the process.

There is a cartel that runs the land guard machinery. Members of the cabal are often same people who run the armed robbery business. They have in their possession the most sophisticated weapons that they either give out to their protégé robbers for operation or hire them out to potential robbers.

Conversely, it’s most of the same robbery kingpins who hire out their heavily equipped land guards to the wealthy land owner whose so-called ownership of a land is being disputed by that regular Ghanaian who has no means of seeking the intervention of a land guard.

It’s that top politician, the Army officer, the top Businessman/woman, the Superior Police officer, the wealthy etc; that lead in engaging the trigger-happy land guard, who has lost direction because of his ten-year incarceration at the Nsawam Prisons.

He thus needs to survive through any means possible; either through robbery or land guarding. The paymasters are often people who hide their illegally acquired wealth in lands, landed properties and the taking over of state lands.

Unfortunately, the illegal land grabbers seem to be getting the backing of the influential bloc in the society. On 15th April, 2021, at Kpletso, some group of persons were caught in a cross-firing incident that took away the lives of some persons.

The Military High Command promised to investigate the matter because the person at the centre of the storm was a Military Officer. The affected victims were said to be La indigenes, the supposedly, legitimate owners of the Kpletso lands.

The refusal of the Military Command to carry out investigations as promised, has raised a lot of eye brows. The logical probe should border on whether someone high-up has been compromised in the abortive investigations.

When we piece-together the content and character of the land guards-uniformed military men jettisoning their well cultured discipline to perform land guarding duties for their superiors, then one can deduce that it would have been a shocker, if the so-called probe had even started at all.

One thing is quite clear. There is nothing like military lands. Government may acquire lands for the use of the military and so the military cannot lay claim to any such land. It’s a clear violation of the law, and that has given rise to armed civilians terrorizing people in the name of land guarding.  

Content created and supplied by: RKeelson (via Opera News )

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