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Moment Lady Left Fighting For Life After Drinking A Whole Bottle Of Alcohol In Seconds

There's been photos circulating on the internet after an alleged slay queen was pictured drinking a strong liquor at a go, and she been left fighting for her life when the liquor started reacting almost instantly.

The strong liquor was not even mixed before she took it, she drank everything from the bottle straight down her throat, a man would even be so scared to take such a strong alcohol at a go, talk more of a man.

She should have known right in the middle of it, before she could even drink half of it, she was looking drunk already, staggering and was unable to stand alone, the people around her had to support her so she doesn't fall.

Later, the video revealed how the lady was fighting for her dear life, as if she were stricken by a lightning, she fell down immediately after drinking the whole bottle, she was already half dead. 

Her friends and all the people cheering her to keep drinking were seen trying to rescue her and resuscitate her after they saw she was actually fighting for her life, it was a scary experience.

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