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Theft robbery

That is my job- Armed robber boldly speaks and makes several other confessions in his last minutes

An armed robber who was nabbed by the security men at KNUST earlier today made a shocking statement and a revelation about himself and the job he does and left jaws opened. This robber is tagged as one of the robbers who are frustrating students on campus. He has confidently entered hostels and has robbed the young ladies especially whiles pointing knives and other weapons at them. According to reports this has gone on for quite sometime and even though the security men have tried their best, they have not been able to get hold of him.

After robbing some girls at the unity hall on campus, they sneaked the whole items into the room of an innocent female room where they referred to the ladies as their girlfriends. This according to the students who narrated their story was a frightening scene for them since they couldn’t understand what was going on.

The armed robbers after being nabbed by the unity hall security men revealed that the tablets and other stolen items were in some ladies room and that the ladies were their girlfriends.

The ladies were arrested with them to the station as the robbers refused to speak the truth about their relationship with the ladies whom they have never met before. The frightened young ladies were exonerated after one robber confessed to the police that they didn’t know the ladies and that they were only complicating the issue to find their way out of it.

The robber who gave his gang out said, I only sell the stolen items, that’s my job. I sell them to students as well but the stealing is done by my other colleagues. He said these statements to be stripped off charges whiles giving his friends out but was also arrested by the police. The robbers are at the Tech police station and being dealt with at the moment.

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