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After Being In Jail For Posting Naked Photo On Social Media, See Akuapem Poolo's Current Dressing

As all could recall, few weeks ago issues of Akuapem Poolo posting a naked picture on her social media which led to he arrest and jail went so viral. Many were actually soliciting for her to be release as that will affect the mental stability of her little boy.

Fortunately enough for her, her plea was accepted and she was granted bail under certain conditions of turning a new leaf.

New dressing style of Poolo will actually amuze you as she was seen in a picture dressed in a very long dress that covered all parts of her body as seen among our muslim ladies.

The model who used to dress exposing parts of her body has actually surprised Ghanaians. Poolo is indeed a changed being as jail has really turn her life around. Check out some stunning photos of Akuapem Poloo's.p

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