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Sad story of some boys who were nearly lured into homosexualism

The report about a young man admitting to being gay at Nkoranza has assumed control over the web with numerous Ghanaians communicating various responses about the demonstration. The youngster at the focal point of the entire issue , Razak Braima embraced refinement by the customary experts nearby and after his admission, was made to pacify the divine beings. 

From how the little youngster was treated by the two inhabitants and customary specialists, it implies that a larger part of the occupants in Nkoranza Community is against the demonstration. Before long the young fellow was captured, certain individuals who almost fell casualties to his procedure have been discussing how he attempted to draw them into the demonstration. 

Kwesi Afriyie 

Kwesi Afriyie has been purchasing things from the shop of the presumed gay kid, Razak Braima. Each time he goes there, Razak attempts to make propels at him. At some point, Razak let him know that he looks extremely appealing and might want to have his contact . Subsequent to taking the contact of Kwesi Afriyie, he began calling him at odd hours and made his expectations to take part in an extramarital entanglements with him clear. Notwithstanding, Kwesi Afriyie denied the deal since he was never inspired by gay exercises. 

Honest Nyarko 

Another kid, Frank Nyarko has additionally had various experiences with Razak Poku. With him, Razak requested to meet him in a room where he was approached to make an off his material for move. Straightforward Nyarko who acknowledged Razak was acting unusually passed on the space to stay away from any circumstance. These are two of the many records from youngsters who have come into contact with Razak at Nkoranza. 

Razak Braima (Confessed gay kid) 

The greater part of individuals locally have for a long time been suspecting Razak because of how he does his things. The Nkoranza Police Command has since denounced the attacking of the presumed gay kid and has vowed to examine and capture the individuals who supposedly abused him. It is presently certain that individuals who have chosen to practice such exercises ought not attempt them in the open. Numerous Ghanaians have shown their determination to dismiss LGBTQ and its connected exercises. Be that as it may, it is unlawful to expose anybody to any brutal treatment regardless of the wrongdoing perpetrated. The police are consistently in an ideal situation to deal with the case as opposed to going rogue

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Kwesi Afriyie Nkoranza Razak Razak Braima


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