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'Asem Aba': Taxi Driver finds himself in 'hot soup' after smuggling went wrong [Details]

The act of engaging oneself in a dubious way to make money is becoming rampant these days in our communities. A taxi driver by name Abdul Salam has found himself in the hands of the police after engaging in drug trafficking. He happens to work from Ho in the volta region to Greater Accra. As the saying goes everyday for a thief, one day for the owner. According to the information we gathered, this driver carried about 80 full packs of Indian hemp in a brown envelope which was packed in two different 'Ghana must go' bags.

The substance was too heavy to the extent that they have to carry it on their head and offload into the police van. What he does is after carrying these weed from Ho, he will then send them to Accra and distribute to various customers. He has been engaging in such act for a very long time. When people saw him and asked what he was carrying he told them that they are second-hand clothing which he is going to deliver to some people.

Unfortunately on his side, luck eluded him and was arrested. When he was put before the court of law he told the court that the things don't belong to him but one man in Ho by name Wayo gave to him to deliver to some people. Based on what he said the police have also launched an investigation to bring that Wayo to book for investigations. Though he has mentioned the name without any concrete evidence so it is left with the police to dive into the issue and come out with the truth. Abdul Salam is in the custody of the police as the case is still at the court.

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