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Ghana police (SWAT) team takes down a very intelligent drug dealer

The Ghana police with their SWAT team have shown excellence and commitment to the country once again. As it stands, we are getting a daily report on the competence of the police force and how they are taking down criminals and illegal personalities from the country or streets. The SWAT team are working fervently and are focused on taking down people who have decided to break the law at all cost and do what is not accepted in this country. The reason why we have witnessed some youth going wayward and involving in certain immoral acts is as a result of certain influence from drugs.

In some countries, there are many drugs that are banned because of the risks that they pose to humans and Ghana happens to be a part of these countries having strict rules and regulations against the use of these drugs. There have been instances where people have been arrested for having marijuana and other herbs in their possessions and that’s because it’s not accepted in this country. Many people give excuses on the fact that these are used medicinally but it’s not how it’s works.

These drugs are used in the medical field in a tested and well measured amount in order to help people who are not healthy and need help. An under-dose or overdose can lead to serious complications and that’s why medical professionals need to intervene during the administration of these things. The SWAT team have successfully taken down a narcotic drug dealer today around 10:45 am and have been heavily applauded by Ghanaians.

The young man called Emmanuel Asante was arrested around the Christianburg junction. The suspect who is 38 years old was able to outsmart the police and others by disguising the bags which had Indian herbs with some made into the form of herbal medicines void of narcotics. The Ghana police (SWAT department) have taken him in and have been applauded massively. We hope to see more of this from the police. The level of competence being exhibited by the Ghana police lately is encouraging and very promising.

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